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    The College spearheads the agrarian revolution which is the main thrust of Landmark University


About Department

The Department was created out of the Department of Agriculture in September, 2012. It is presently one of the Departments in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Landmark University. The Department collaborates with national and international academic, farms and research institutes for training, research and community engagements. The Department was purposefully created to produce well-qualified/competent graduates having strong theoretical knowledge with practical skills and attitude to undertake training, research, consultation and/or extension services in animal production.

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Department of Animal Science is in consonance with the overall philosophy of Landmark University and can be summarized as Breaking New Grounds in Animal Production. The Department adopts a special practical and realistic approach to the solution of all animal production challenges based on a sound mastery of the principles of Animal Science. This is important in order to produce graduates with sufficient technical, productive and entrepreneurial skills that will impact their society and environment positively and bring about the desired landmark changes in animal production.

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Dr. Alabi Olayinka is a lecturer in the Department of Animal Science, College of Agricultural Sciences, Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria. She is a member of Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS), Nigerian Society of Animal Production (NSAP) and Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). Her research interest is on alternative and sustainable feedstuff for poultry. She has publications in international and Nigerian journals.

Head of Department

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Effect of Oral Supplementation of L-Arginine on the Hematological Indices of Shika Brown Chickens

Animashahun, R.A. and Alabi, O.O. and Shoyombo, A.J. and Ayeni, M.A. and Adesina, A.Y. and Bolaji, A.C.

Technical Efficiency of Battery Cage and Deep Litter Systems in Poultry Production

Ajiboye, B. O. and Bamiro, O. M. and Adeyonu, A. G. and Faseyi, S. A

The Benefits of Basil leaves as Natural Medicine in Livestock Production

Alabi, O.O. and Shoyombo, A.J. and Animashahun, R.A. and Olawoye, S.O

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To raise a new generation of graduates who will profitably put their broad-based qualitative education and skill into operation by establishing and operating their own farming enterprises