The philosophy of the Department of Animal Science is in consonance with the overall philosophy of Landmark University and can be summarized as Breaking New Grounds in Animal Production. The Department adopts a special practical and realistic approach to the solution of all animal production challenges based on a sound mastery of the principles of Animal Science. This is important in order to produce graduates with sufficient technical, productive and entrepreneurial skills that will impact their society and environment positively and bring about the desired landmark changes in animal production.

The philosophy of Breaking New Grounds in Animal Production shall revolve around the following:

  • Facilitating the Proprietor’s conviction on the urgent need to discover, develop and engage Animal Scientists and livestock resource potentials of the nation.
  • Focusing the University’s learning efforts around the urgent need to minimize national poverty of low animal protein intake occasioned by a limited translation of received and acquired knowledge into tangible and quality animal output through strategic interface with research and development in animal production.
  • Facilitating the realization of the Promoters’ convictions that the heavy investment warranted by this establishment decision will enable wider attention and deeper effect to the achievement of the prime objectives of developing Animal Scientists and livestock resource capacities.
  • Giving fulfilling consciousness to the black man in terms of socio-economic relevance by taking up personal responsibility for growth and development on the basis of his rich endowments in livestock production.


The Department offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.